Ahnna Goossen

Ahnna Goossen is a licensed acupuncturist with a vibrant private practice in Gilroy, California.  Ahnna is deeply committed to her own personal growth and health as well as that of her patients.  Her background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from UCSC and a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz, California.  Her continued education has given her a unique style of acupuncture, incorporating Japanese Acupuncture with its gentle approach to needling, Essential Oils,  Reiki, Tapping & Qi Gong Energetic Medicine.  She teaches a Taoist style of Qi Gong Flow  learned through her work with renowned Qi Gong master, Lee Holden.   She loves to share her Qi Gong background with her patients to empower them to cultivate and balance their Qi thus providing a pro-active approach to enhance vitality and health. 

Andrea Van Deren

Hello, my name is Andrea, and I’ve recently completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through the Mount Madonna Institute. I am certified through Yoga Alliance, and trained to teach Classical Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama (Breathing Practices) from the teachings of Baba Hari Dass. Practicing yoga with gratitude and compassion for not only yourself, but for others as well is a huge part of my practice, and I’m excited to share these gifts with you! My goal is to create a safe space for people to discover themselves more fully while practicing. Yoga allows us to look within and deepen the relationship we have with ourselves and with the universe.

My yoga journey started in 2006, and it has been elemental in improving my health and bringing joy into this life. My many hobbies include: meditation, reading, baking, photography, quilting, hiking, and gardening.

As soon as a person starts thinking, “I want to be a better person,” that is the start of Yoga. - Baba Hari Dass

Jessica Fortino

Jessica first discovered the transformative path of Yoga 10 years ago, and has been immersing herself more and more deeply in its study and practice ever since.  What she loves most about Yoga is that it is all-encompassing… some aspect can be practiced at any moment of the day by anyone and everyone.  Jessica trained at the Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains under Baba Hari Dass and his senior students.  There she completed her 200 hour (in 2007) and 500 hour (in 2011) certifications, and now teaches other teachers in both of these programs, as well in Mount Madonna's Ayurveda college.  Her classes are fun and well-rounded, with a focus on remembering to connect with our breath.

Karin Larsen

Karin is a 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher. The practice of Yoga is for everyone and should be customized to empower each unique individual to thrive. Nourishing your mind, body and spirit is the gift of Yoga. Karin has been studying Yoga since 2003, and teaching since 2006. She has completed two 200-hour RYS Yoga Alliance Advance Studies  Yoga Teacher Trainings (2006 & 2012).  Most recently she completed a RYS 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Feel Better Yoga (2018). Her classes are a celebration of life, gratitude, compassion and self-acceptance. She is inspired by many teachers, styles and traditions of Yoga. She continues to further her knowledge by attending Yoga conferences workshops and trainings from many gifted teachers.  Karin encourages everyone to listen to their innate wisdom to create health, balance, vitality, and peace through Yoga. She is available for private/semi-private lessons. 

Nick Fortino

Human beings have an incredible potential for kindness, beauty, grace, efficiency, and power. Practicing Yoga actualizes those potentials in a profoundly effective way. My name is Nick Fortino. My formal education and professional work have always involved learning about what one must do, and how one must be, in order to achieve optimal physical and mental health. I study psychology, anatomy, and physiology. I am trained to teach Ashtanga Yoga, which is an eight-limbed system designed to cultivate stability, strength, and flexibility in the body and the mind. My intention as a teacher is to be sensitive to the demands of the students in front of me and to care sincerely. I bow inside to the wisdom of Yoga, and it is an honor to bring the teachings into others' lives. Feel free to contact me and/or come to a class if you feel my guidance in your Yoga practice may serve you.

Paula Goldsmith

Paula Goldsmith is a certified Kali Ray TriYoga Instructor who first experienced TriYoga in 1987, and immediately recognized the transformational nature of TriYoga Flows. She has been teaching since 2001, after completing training with Kali Ray and staff at the TriYoga Centers in Santa Cruz and Malibu.She is honored to share the flow with her students.

Sandy Moller

Sandy first discovered and fell in love with yoga in 1998 and began practicing almost daily.  She graduated from a 100 hour Anusara teacher training twice, once in 2001 and again in 2007.  She also received her certification in teaching Yoga for beginners in 2002.  In 2013, she received her certification to teach Restorative yoga from renowned teacher, Judith Hanson Lassiter.  She is the co-owner of Satori Cellars with her husband, and mother to their son Riley.

When we can slow down and go inside everything wonderful springs forth from the body, and when your mind, body, and spirit are aligned, the magic and miracles in life are possible.  Sandy believes that coming home to your body is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans to live a wonderful life!  Through a regular practice the mind becomes calm and undesirable thoughts diminish.  The practice of yoga purifies the body and the mind for the purpose of happiness.  Sandy believes through  proper alignment principles, deep breathing, and letting go we can experience the divine through ourselves.