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Solar Plexus Charka Worlshop with Kristen Hubbard

  • Yoga Bella 8060 Santa Teresa Blvd Suite 130 Gilroy USA (map)

The best way to tell whether you need to undergo solar plexus chakra healing is to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, actions, and physical sensations within your body.


How many of these signs can you relate to in this list?

· You constantly feel fatigued and lazy

· You have a problem with overeating and overindulgence

· You tend to manipulate others to get what you want, OR …

· You frequently feel powerless and weak

· You tend to be a bully or overly dominating around others, OR …

· You feel insecure and unassertive

· You lack self-confidence in most areas of life

· You tend to seek approval from other people (i.e. you’re a people-pleaser)

· You have low self-esteem, OR …

· You have an excessively inflated sense of self (i.e. a big ego)

· Your body temperature is usually very cold OR very hot

· You have addictive tendencies

· You struggle to send boundaries around other people

· You tend to form co-dependent relationships with others

· You suffer from a digestive system disorder such as IBS, ulcers, hypoglycemia, diabetes,

· You suffer from frequent gas, constipation or stomach upset

· You have excessive weight around the stomach (i.e. a pot belly)

Please join us for an evening of education on your solar plexus chakra. There will be an item to bring home at the end of the workshop customized for this particular energetic wheel.


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