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Throat Chakra Workshop with Kristen Hubbard

  • Yoga Bella 8060 Santa Teresa Blvd Suite 130 Gilroy United States (map)

Speak Your Truth Throat Chakra Workshop!

Treat yourself to an evening of community, inner exploration, movement and wonder as we journey through the throat chakra center!

The voice is the key guide to knowing where people are at with their throat chakras. Do you speak quietly are you afraid of being heard? Do you lose your voice or struggle to get words out articulately? These can be signs that your throat chakra can benefit from some healing. 

The Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra is considered to be the Chakra of Communication and is associated with willpower, direction, wisdom and freedom of choice. The throat chakra blockages can manifest physically through sore stiff necks, thyroid problems, asthma, and emotionally an inability to express how you feel. It can also show up as blocked creativity or perfectionism and fear of making a mistake. This workshop focus on skills that attempt to alleviate these symptoms. 


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